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Born March, l992
Died June, 2000

"All that was ours is ours to share forever, Glory of greenwood and the shining river, Joy of companionship of kindred mind, All, all is ours. It is not left behind Among the withered things that must decay, It is stored up for us, Somewhere, and for another day." (By Amy Carmichael)

Truly Rooster and I were of kindred minds and nothing can ever blot that out. I held him as he died and reminded him that I would love him FOREVER. He was my trusted friend, my self appointed bodyguard, and I knew in my spirit how very much he hated to leave me. But did he? I think not. Angels come to us, unawares, as the Bible says and Rooster was no ordinary wolf. He loved me with a trust that no wolf here displays, and nothing could stop him from being "Mama's bodyguard." When I drove away, I always knew that Rooster would station himself by the gate where I parked the car upon my return. And he always knew the exact time I would return. He never permitted anyone else to touch his head, or caress him, and clearly, he had one mission in life to perform: to "take care of Mama."
     To say that I miss him sounds so trite. I was very ill when he left me and I refused to permit the pain to keep me away from him when he was to make his great journey. I believe if he were here now, and I could only hold him, my pain would let go its hold because Love heals pain, doesn't it? But he is not here physically though I know that his love is here and that is what helps most. He had cancer and there was no way to treat him even from the start; I am glad I kept him for eight years and three months, because he held on by sheer will power as long as he could bear the pain. I wanted to share some photos of him with you guys who know how much I miss is when he was 4 weeks old, another is one of him "stalking his prey," and the one of him and me speaks for itself. He was my boy. I know that many of you prayed for Rooster and I thank you. This is the lonely time now, but time heals our wounds if we let it. And I will see him again one day.
     These are photos and the print I took of his paw after he died. He would never have permitted anyone to take his foot print while he was alive. I loved him for that tenacity of will and for his love for me. It is rare that we, as humans, ever earn the trust of a wild animal and I shall forever be grateful to Rooster that he saw me and recognized the Love that dwells in my heart as trustworthy and real.
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By body guard

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Fun in the snow

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His baby days - Rooster is the black one

There are some “religious” people who would think it foolish to dedicate an entire Wingspread to my wolf, Rooster. But they are the foolish ones.
     If you study the life of our Lord Jesus as He walked this earth, you will notice that he did not speak of “religious matters” except when He addressed the Pharisees, the ruling body of religion - the Law. And He called them vipers, whited sepulchers, full of dead men’s bones, arrogant, words that few evangelists would use today to describe the spiritual atrocities that go on in the Church, in the Name of Christ.
     But His messages were about beautiful things - created things. He spoke of lilies in the field and said that Solomon’s glory could not compare with them (so what we see as “glory” down here obviously is not “glory” in Heaven). He spoke of little children, reminding His hearers that anyone who caused one of those little ones to stumble, then it would be better for them to have a mill stone tied around their necks and be drowned. He spoke of lambs, and lions, and of someone who lost a coin, and people came with lanterns to help find it.
     He spoke of angels - once He said that IF He asked His Father for help, 72,000 angels would be there in an instant. He spoke of goodness and mercy and kindness and faithfulness to our Creator.
     And He spoke of sparrows, saying that not one sparrow falls without His Father knowing of it. Imagine!!!
     He never bludgeoned us with His Word, though He could have. He was the living Word. Yet people turned away from Him because He had an authority that they either did not comprehend, or if they did, then they would be compelled to commit to Him or go to hell.
     Jesus spoke definitely of God, His Father, and He tells us that they are One. I am comforted by this thought. For He said, “if you have seem me, you have seen the Father.” What joy! What glorious comfort! I HAVE SEEN THE FATHER, for with my heart I have seen Christ.
     Those who hated Him for His authority eventually either turned away or wanted Him dead. It didn’t matter. He knew how long He would have to be confined in the body of mortal man, and He endured that horrible confinement “for the joy that was set before Him.”
     What was that joy? The knowledge that once He paid with His own blood for the sin of mankind, paid in full for all of us, then He would once again be in Glory with His Father and we would have a chance to become like Him.
     Sometimes I have wondered why He bothered. I can count on my two hands the number of converts who have totally committed to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and who will never turn against Him, no matter what.
     But numbers do not count with God. Faith in His love and obedience to His will matter, and if we have that then we are safe.
     I dedicate this Wingspread to Rooster because I know that all of you in prison can identify with him. He was a good wolf; he refused to give in to every pre-programmed genetic response that would have made him vicious. And he loved.
     And so you can love.
     I took this print of his foot just after he left me; he would not have liked that, but I wanted to keep it always. And I share it with you. That paw was often offered to me, as a token of his loving trust in my love for him.
     May God somehow reach deep into your hearts and make you aware that “religion” is not the answer. The very Life of our Lord Jesus Christ is the answer. I am His witness to this truth, and He has never once failed me. God bless.

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